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UC's McMicken College has garnered national and international attention for its cutting-edge research and exemplary scholarship. Faculty, students and alumni have been featured in various news outlets worldwide. Since the beginning of 2010, more than 100 media companies have highlighted the works of the A&S community. A few national websites include:

  • Animal Planet
  • Apple
  • Associated Press
  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Cincinnati Enquirer
  • CNN
  • Market Watch
  • New York Times
  • Psychology Today
  • Scientific American
  • Sify News
  • UPI
  • U.S. News & World Report
  • National Geographic

Read more about what the media are saying about McMicken:

Date Media Outlet Title Individual Department
09/11/2012 AARP blog Marriage Makes Women Drink More, Men Less Corinne Reczek Sociology
09/08/2012 The Cincinnati Enquirer, USA Today, The Detroit Free Press Secret Service investigates Ohio teen's tweet about Obama Jeff Blevins Journalism
09/08/2012 The Dayton Daily News Romney win won’t end fight over healthcare Patrick Miller Political Science
08/28/2012 The Cincinnati Enquirer Interpreters a crucial element of justice in thousands of cases Jeffrey Timberlake Sociology
08/26/2012 The Cincinnati Enquirer Can Romney unite Ohio delegation? Patrick Miller Political Science
08/22/2012 The Huffington Post Marriage Drives Women To Drink And Curbs Alcohol Habit In Men, Research Suggests Corinne Reczek Sociology
08/21/2012 FOX News Latino Study: Stereotypes about Latinos Have Big Impact Jeffrey Timberlake Sociology
08/21/2012 The Huffington Post UK Marriage Drives Women To Drink And Curbs Alcohol Habit In Men, Research Suggests Corinne Reczek Sociology
08/20/2012 Science Codex Researchers assess stereotypes of immigrants and views on the impact of immigration Jeffrey Timberlake Sociology
08/20/2012 Cosmopolitan Marriage Makes You…Drink? Corinne Reczek Sociology
08/20/2012 Tying the Knot Ups Women’s Drinking Rate, Lowers Mens’ Corinne Reczek Sociology
08/20/2012 Marriage drives women to drink, study says Corinne Reczek Sociology
08/20/2012 Marriage Means More Drinking for Women, Less for Men Corinne Reczek Sociology
08/18/2012 Marriage Drives Women to Drink, Study Suggests Corinne Reczek Sociology
08/18/2012 The Daily Mail (UK) Marriage drives women to drink MORE while it has the opposite effect on men Corinne Reczek Sociology
08/18/2012 The Telegraph (UK) Study shows marriage stops men drinking – as their wives hit the bottle instead Corinne Reczek Sociology
08/17/2012 United Press International After marriage: Men drink less, women more Corinne Reczek Sociology
08/17/2012 Phys.Org Prominent Science Website Cites Research on Effects of Militarization, Corruption Steve Carlton-Ford, T. David Evans Sociology
08/01/2012 Fox 19 Professor Asks: Has Obama Been a Good President? Judith Trent Communication
08/01/2012 The Catholic Telegraph University of Cincinnati names Zalar chair of Catholic studies Jeff Zalar Catholic Studies
07/25/2012 Bloomberg Businessweek More Than $100 Million in Attack Ads Fails to Move Voters Judith Trent Communication
07/23/2012 WLWT Conference aims to improve choices for urban youth Da'Shawn Johnson (student) Organizational Leadership
07/21/2012 Cincinnati Herald Eyes on the PR1ZE Kenneth Ghee, Carol Tonge Mack, Margaret Hanson; Africana Studies, Center for Exploratory Studies, Physics
07/21/2012 Boston Globe Boston Globe: Professor Unsure of Campaign Ad Blitz Patrick Miller Political Science
07/19/2012 Dean Says At-Risk Youth Deserve Support Ronald Jackson II Dean
07/17/2012 Phys.Org Prominent Science Website Cites Professor’s Health and Marriage Research Corinne Reczek Sociology
07/17/2012 The Du Quoin (Illinois) Evening Call Du Quoin Native Jeff Blevins Named Chairman of University of Cincinnati’s Journalism Department Jeffrey Blevins Journalism
07/16/2012 NY Times, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC,, Germany’s der Spiegel UC Research Reveals Largest Ancient Dam Built by Maya in Central America Vernon Scarborough, Nicholas Dunning, Kenneth Tankersley, Christopher Carr (student), Eric Weaver (student), Brian Lane (alumnus), David Lentz Anthropology, Geography, Biological Sciences
07/08/2012 Cincinnati Enquirer Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit unites manuscripts with Cincinnati history Judaic Studies Department Judaic Studies
07/01/2012 The (Jamaica) Gleaner 10 things you didn't know about Ambassador Pamela Bridgewater Pamela Bridgewater Political Science
06/28/2012 WVXU Scientists Discuss Cleaning, Energy Potential of Super Bacteria Robert Voorhees Chemistry
06/2/2012 El (Venezuela) Universal Paola Cadena Pardo: "Lo importante en un poema es lo que le dice a cada lector" Paola Cadena Romance Languages & Literatures
06/09/2012 Cincinnati Herald The right chemistry for success James Walker Chemistry
06/05/2012 Middletown Journal Professor Questions Tea Party’s Effect Patrick Miller Political Science
06/04/2012 Cincinnati Enquirer Professor says People Lie about Voting Patrick Miller Political Science
06/03/2012 Cincinnati Enquirer Professor says People Lie about Voting Patrick Miller Political Science
05/23/2012 Cincinnati Enquirer Cincinnati Reds' trio defies odds with back-to-back-to-back feat James Deddens Mathematical Studies
05/17/2012 Cincinnati Enquirer Sports Anchor to be Honored for Outstanding Journalism Career Jon Hughes English/Journalism
05/13/2012 WKRC Cincinnati Program at the University of Cincinnati to provide first generation college students with the opportunity to succeed Tracey Steagall Organizational Leadership
05/03/2012 WVXU Hear Behind-the-Scenes Stories of Pompeii Excavation Steven Ellis Classics
04/19/2012 Discovery Channel Sophisticated Research involves Lemurs, Track Stars and 3-D Cameras Katherine Whitcome Anthroplogy
04/19/2012 Cincinnati Enquirer Jerry Springer and Friends Raise Money for Scholarship Jon Hughes English/Journalism
04/16/2012 Jet Professor’s Leadership Earns Presidential Plurality Earl Wright II Africana Studies
03/26/2012 Columbus Dispatch Geology Professors discuss Purity of Clay for Pottery (and toothpaste?) Warren Huff, David Nash Environmental Studies
03/26/2012 WLWT Professor's 'Hunger Games' Prediction a Bull's-eye Rebecca Borah English
03/19/2012 Cincinnati Enquirer Geology Professor Knows Hills are Key to Cincy's Psyche Paul Potter Geology
02/22/2012 WCPO Professor Expects Ohio to be Campaign Battleground Patrick Miller Political Science
02/17/2012 Cincinnati Enquirer Geology Professor Says Rail Transit will Cut Pollution, Commute Time David Meyer Geology
02/09/2012 Cincinnati Enquirer Professor Trent Critiques Kasich’s speech Judith Trent Communication
01/31/2012 BBC World Biology Professor Finds Fame in Name Eric Tepe Biological Sciences
01/27/2012 WVXU Spider mating research discussed on radio George Uetz Biological Sciences
01/26/2012 WBAI History Professor on ‘The Ethical Doctor’ Radio Show Wendy Kline History
01/13/2012 WLWT Geology Department's Wise Discusses "Fracking" Julia Wise Geology
09/11/11 MSN Health 9/11 Left Permanent Scars on the American Psyche Ethan Katz History
09/05/11 New York Times Grant Goes to War Christopher Phillips History
08/29/11 Wastewater recycling can multiply greenhouse gas emissions Amy Townsend-Small Geology/Geography
08/23/11 msnbc Marriage's 'dark side': Spouses catch each other's bad behavior Corinne Reczek Sociology
08/19/11 Gay or straight, couples swap bad habits Corinne Reczek Sociology
06/29/11 Researchers look at abortion 'stigma' Danielle Bessett Sociology
06/20/11 Remains of ancient fortress described Gisela Walberg Classics
05/15/11 The Columbus Dispatch State population grayer, though reion better at attracting young people Jeffrey Timberlake Sociology
05/02/11 New York Times Hearts Beat as One in a Daring Ritual Michael Richardson Psychology
04/14/11 National Geographic Maya Mystery Solved by 'Important' Volcanic Discovery? Ken Tankersley Anthropology
04/07/11 U.S. News & World Report "Study Finds Strong Smoking-Asthma Link" Alison McLeish Psychology
02/24/11 UPI "Secret Internet society pushes anorexia" Stephen Haas Communication
02/07/11 WCPO-ABC 9 "UC Forum Takes on Arab Uprising and Future US Relations" Ethan Katz History
01/25/11 Animal Planet "Wolf Spiders Use Multiple Pick-Up Signals to Attract the Ladies" George Uetz Biological Sciences
01/24/11 Associated Press "Kansas' violent past beckons visitors" Christopher Phillips History
01/03/11 Scientific American "Ancient Greek Symposium Featured Drinking Rules" Kathleen Lynch Classics
12/20/10 CNN Belief Blog "The 'zombie theology' behind the walking dead" Rebecca Borah English
12/14/10 MarketWatch "Craving comfort food in uncomfortable times" Robert Frank Psychology
12/01/10 New York Times "Small-City Congregations Try to Preserve Rituals of Jewish Life" Mark Raider History
11/16/10 Soapbox Cincinnati "Cincinnati Stock Exchange Returns" Elissa Sonnenberg Journalism
11/16/10 Red Orbit "What Key Qualities Voters Expect In Their Presidential Candidates" Judith Trent Communication
10/28/10 Science Blog "Algeo tracks evidence of 'The Great Dying'" Thomas Algeo Geology
09/01/10 Apple "Discovering Ancient Pompeii with iPad" Steven Ellis Classics
08/24/10 LiveScience "Bugs Benefit from Bifocal Eyes" Elke Buschbeck Biological Sciences
08/19/10 UPI "Working late shift hurts women's marriages" David Maume Sociology
08/08/10 New York Times "'Dora' Special Explores Influence on Children" Erynn Masi de Casanova Sociology
06/23/10 Psychology Today "Do College Students Court Their Professors?" LisaMarie Luccioni Communication
06/17/10 Cincinnati Business Courier "UC scientists to work on better flu test" Suri Iyer Chemistry
05/25/10 "Cryptography: Using Math to Keep Computers Secure" Daniel Cabarcas, student Mathematical Sciences
04/30/10 Psychology Today "Deconstructing Personality" Gerald Matthews Psychology
04/04/10 The Chronicle of Higher Education "A letter from a graduate student in the humanities" Katharine Polak, student English
03/17/10 CNN "The facts behind hangover remedies" Krista Medina Psychology
01/08/10 The Today Show "Fruit flies take hooking up literally" Michal Polak Biological Sciences