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Global Health Studies

 Within the Global Health Studies certificate, Students will gain knowledge and understanding of the global burden of disease and threats to well-being.  Understand and be prepared to promote policies and practices that ensure health care is delivered in an ethically responsible and culturally sensitive manner..  Learn to critically review global health programs and policies from a variety of perspectives. 


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Quick Info

Program Code



1 years


Main Campus


Africana Studies
McMicken College of Arts and Sciences


French Hall-West 3605
Cincinnati,OH  45221-0370
Guy -Lucien Whembolua
Phone: 513-556-2423

Career Possibilities

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Major Details

Guidelines for Certificate -- See Curriculum Guide below

1.  All students must complete all applicable course with a 2.5 GPA
2.  Take at least one course from the Burden of Disease Group
3.  Take at least one course from the Ethics, Values, Cultural Competence Group (Students in the College of Allied Health Sciences may substitute HLTH2011
4.  Take at least one course from the Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Health Group - Cannot use both AFST3055 and PSYC3034 (only one will count). POL5131 may be used
5.  May take one course from Domestic & International Experience Group - may use other study abroad experience if approved by dept.) -- This Group is not a required group!


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Curriculum Guide Versions:

Global Health Studies Certificate

Predominant Program

    Required Course
    • AFST1005, Introduction to Global Health Issues, SE, SS, 3
    Group I: Burden of Disease
    • ANTH2045, Genetics of Variation and Disease, NS, 3
    • BIOL1004, Microbes and Society, NS, 3
    • BIOL1006, Power of Plagues, HP, NS, 3
    • BIOL2031C, Microbiology for Health Professionals, 3
    • HPE1004, Introduction to Epidemiology, NS, 3
    • MEDS4051, Introduction to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, 1
    Group II: Ethics, Values, Cultural Competence
    • ANTH2079, Medical Anthropology, DC, SS, 3
    • COMM2004, Communicating About Health, Environment and Science, SE, SS, 3
    • COMM2021, Communication in Problem-Solving Groups, SS, 3
    • COMM3049, Intercultural Communication, DC, SE, 3
    • JUDC3016, Jewish Bioethics, SE, HU, 3
    • PHIL1099, Genetics and Bioethics, SE, HU, 3
    • PHIL3028, Bioethics , SE, HU, 3
    • POL2089, International Human Rights, SE, SS, 3
    Group III:Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Health
    • AFST3005, African Health and Development, SE, SS, 3
    • AFST3055, Diversity and Health, 3
    • ANTH3067, Demographic Anthropology, 3
    • ANTH4055, Evolutionary Medicine and Health, 4
    • COMM4066, Communication and Health Politics, 3
    • GEOG4000C, Medical and Health Geography, 3
    • NBSN3090, Global Health, DC, 3
    • PSYC3034, Diversity and Health, 3
    • WGS3071, Gender and Health, 3
    • WGS4031, Global Sexualities, 3
    Group IV: Domestic & International Experience
    • HLTH5142, International Experience in Healthcare, 0 - 3
    • HPE4173C, Study Abroad in Health Promotion and Education, 3
    • MEDS4050, Public Health and Infectious Diseases in Southern Africa, 3
    • MEDS4052, Medicine and Public Health at Chongqing Medical University (China), 3
    • MEDS4054, Exploring Public Health in Ghana, 3
    • SPAN2011, Spanish for Social Work and Health Care Services, SE, HU, 3
    • SPAN2012, Spanish for Social Work and Health Care Services II, SE, HU, 3
    • SPAN3052, Service Learning: Medical Spanish, 3 - 5


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